Julia M. Jonas is a research assistant and PhD student at the departement for Information Systems (Prof. Kathrin Möslein) at University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. 

Her research is in stakeholder integration in service innovation, looking at the modes, effects and interdependencies of internal and external stakeholder integration in manufacturing and IT firms. At Nuremberg university, she is teaching bachelor and master level courses on service innovation, service design, cooperative system design and service quality engineering.

Moreover, she is working on open customer integration in the project JOSEPHS - the service manufactory. This open innovation platform is a café and workshop in the center of Nuremberg, enabling open exchange for innovation between innovators and the public. 

Julia's background is in Service Management and Open Innovation. After graduating with a Master in Business Administration with a focus on Service Management from Karlstad University in Sweden, she worked as a consultant for Open Innovation in Munich.


Journal Papers

Roth, A., Fritzsche, A., Jonas, J., Danzinger, F., Möslein, K. M., 2014. Interaktive Kunden als Herausforderung: Die Fallstudie „JOSEPHS® – Die Service-Manufaktur“. HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 51(6): 883-895.

Conference Papers

Jonas, J., Roth, A., Möslein, K. M., 2014. Stakeholder integration for service innovation in German medium-sized enterprises. 24th Annual RESER Conference. Helsinki, Finland.

Jonas, J., Roth, A., Möslein, K. M., 2014. Open Service Design? Exploring Customer Co-Creation in a Service Manufactory. ServDes Lancaster.

Jonas, J., Roth, A., 2014. Stakeholder Integration in Service Innovation - An Explorative Case Study on Health Care Solutions Development. EURAM Valencia.

Jonas, J., Roth, A., Möslein, K. M., 2014. Co-Creating Service Innovation in Interdependent Service Systems. Forum on Markets & Marketing Karlstad.

Roth, A., Möslein, K. M., Jonas, J., 2013. Joseph's - The Service Manufactory. Cambridge Service Week - Academic Conference. Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Jonas, J., Möslein, K. M., Roth, A., 2013. Passive integration or mutual co-creation? Exploring the role of stakeholders in service innovation. QUIS 13. Karstad, Sweden.

Book Chapters

Rau, C., Jonas, J.M., Schweitzer, F. 2015. Open Service prototyping. In: Egger, R., Gula, I., Walcher, D. (Eds.) Open Tourism – Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Consumption Challenging the Tourism Industry. Springer.

Füller, J., Jonas, J., 2013. Netnography in the Food Industry. Discontinuous Innovation: Learning to Manage the Unexpected. , 22: Imperial College Press.

Bartl, D. M., Jonas, J., 2012. Open Innovation in der B-to-B Kommunikation (2). Business-to-Business-Kommunikation - Neue Entwicklungen im B-to-B Marketing. , 57Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag GmbH & Co.KG.


Jonas, J.M., Möslein, K.M., 2014. Micro Service Markets. in: Heuberger, A., Möslein K..M., (Eds.): Open Service Lab Notes, 1/2014

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